Infoscreens – Intelligent Screensolutions

With an info screen, you can easily and quickly inform employees throughout the organisation or welcome guests. With Euroscreen InfoTV you get intelligent information screens for both large and small businesses. You can create an account for free and design your own info screen, easily and quickly.

License price per month: 97 DKK

Creation 690,- per screen

You can use an info screen in many places


As a company, you can easily inform your employees about important internal information such as:

  • KPI and key figures
  • News from for example Sharepoint or PowerBi
  • Guests of the day
  • Birthdays

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Use an info screen at reception – an effective way to inform guests about information such as:

  • Meeting room
  • Cases
  • References
  • News

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An info screen is an obvious medium to reach out to production employees with information such as:

  • News
  • Messages from intranet
  • The weather forecast
  • Today’s dish

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You can integrate with many different systems with our software.

For example, you can display meetings, anniversaries, birthdays or other current events by integrating with your calendar. This saves you both time and money.

Become your own designer with InfoTV Editor

With our INFO TV Editor you can easily design and set up your info screen. See here how.

Apps for your info screen

We have many integrations that help to automate your screens and save time. As a customer, you can insert content from news channels. Jobnet that shows Job ads in your municipality and or industry. With our booking APP it is possible to integrate a number of different standard integrations ex. Microsoft Exchange or google are just some of them. With the different integrations you can ex. View today’s meetings, birthdays, events or other activities. All this is updated automatically.

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